Analytiqs: Distributor of BrandTech products

Représentant de produits BrandTechAnalytiqs is an authorized service provider and distributor for BrandTech pipettes and micropipettes and for Vaccubrand products. Please see the BrandTech website for a full list of their products and monthly promotions. With Analytiqs, you can benefit from the monthly promotions offered by BrandTech (except promotions offering cash).

Some of BrandTech products

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Here are some BrandTech products we distribute:
See the complete list of transferpettes and liquid handling products from BrandTech (BrandTech website)

See the complete list of vacuum pumps from BrandTech (BrandTech website)

Transferpette : liquid manipulation


Because we want to offer our customers high-performance laboratory tools, we distribute only top-quality brands. We also maintain, repair and calibrate BrandTech pipettes, and all other brands of pipettes. Contact us for more information.